Conference Talks & Posters


Team Affiliation and Spatial Networks. A Comparative Analysis of Organisation, Space and Network Structure‘, XXXV Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis, Brighton, 23rd-28th June 2015

‘Developing Students’ Critical Expression and Digital Literacy through Blogging’, UCL 2015 Teaching and Learning Conference, London, 13th April 2015


Team Cohesion and Embedding – A Comparative Analysis of Spatial and Organisational Parameters‘, 1st European Conference on Social Networks EUSN, Barcelona, 1-4 July 2014


Ambulatory Clinic Layouts – Quantifying the Difference between the Best and the Worst’, Educational Session E41 at Healthcare Design Conference, Orlando / Florida, November 2013 (together with Ray Pradinuk and Darlene MacKinnon)

Student Experience, Social Networks, Sustainability: Outcomes of Longitudinal Design Change’, Educational Session at SCUP 48, Science for College and University Planning, San Diego / California, July 2013 (together with Alexi Marmot)


What Information is in a Spatial Network?‘, poster presented at WIN 2012, Workshop on Information in Networks, NYU Stern Business School, New York City, 28-29 September 2012


Social Networks and Spatial Analysis – How Office Layouts Drive Interaction and Collaboration’, Sunbelt XXX International Social Networks Conference, Riva del Garda/Italy, 29th June – 04th July 2010 (together with Ian McCulloh).

‘Social Networks and Spatial Analysis – How Office Layouts Drive Interaction and Collaboration’, 6th International UK Social Networks Conference, Manchester, 14th -16th April 2010 (together with Ian McCulloh).


The Interplay between Spatial and Structural Embeddedness of Intra-Organisational Networks‘, 5th International UK Social Networks Conference, Greenwich, 03rd -05th July 2009.

The Spatial Configuration of Intra-Organisational Networks‘, Sunbelt XXIX International Social Networks Conference, San Diego/CA, 11th – 15th March 2009.


Increasing Collaboration and Decreasing Churn: Optimising Organisational Performance‘, CoreNet Global Summit, Berlin, 22nd -23rd September 2008 (together with Peter Copley).

The Living Learning Lab: How innovative spatial design reshapes the learning experience‘, TILT Conference, UCL, London, 15th – 16th April 2008 (together with Alexi Marmot).

Space Matters! How the Physical and Lived World Influence Intra-Organisational Networks‘, Sunbelt XXVII International Social Networks Conference, St Pete/FL, 23rd – 27th January 2008.


Creating Office Spaces‘, archplus-Symposium ‘Bürolandschaft – eine vergessene Strategie der deutschen Nachkriegsgeschichte’, documenta 12, Kassel, 20th July 2007 (together with Andrew Budgen).

The Role of Space in the Formation and Structure of Intra-Organisational Networks‘, 4th UK Social Networks Conference, London, 13th – 14th July 2007.


The social and spatial networks of the learning organisation‘, Sunbelt XXVI: International Social Networks Conference,Vancouver, Kanada, 26th April 2006 (together with Stephen Pryke).


InnovationsRäume. Der Einfluss räumlicher Konfiguration auf die Entstehung kollektiver Intelligenz in Forschung und Entwicklung’, Nachwuchstagung der Gesellschaft für Stadtgeschichte und Urbanisierungsforschung GSU in Konstanz, 07th October 2005.

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