Invited Talks


‘Designing spaces for people’, Social Business Salon ‘The Future of the Digital Enterprise’ at the British Academy in London, 1st July 2015

‘Unpacking the relationship between intra-organisational networks, team structure and physical space in knowledge-intensive workplaces’, Social Network Analysis Summer School at the Centre for Business Network Analysis, University of Greenwich, 17th June 2015

‘The Problem of Space. Rethinking the role of space and visibility in the architecture of Canterbury Cathedral’, CHASE (Consortium of the Humanities and Arts South-East England) Doctoral Training Programme seminar ‘Spatialising Humanities’ at University of Kent, 5th May 2015


‘Data Driven Design’, WORKTECH 14, London, 18 November 2014

Generating Knowledge. Examining the Challenges of Workplace Design’, Space Syntax Ltd event series ‘Smart as Cities’, London, 17 July 2014

‘Ambulatory Clinic Layouts–Quantifying Differences Between the Best and the Worst’ as part of Healthcare Design Education Day’, Healthcare Design Webinar ‘, organised by Vendome Healthcare Media Group, 24 June 2014

‘Data Driven Design – Using data to create better workspace’, British Institute of Facilities Managers (BIFM) London Region event, London, 3 April 2014


The Importance of Space – Thoughts on the Future of Work’, Anywhere Working Week, Event ‘The Future of Work’, Aldwych Underground Station, London, 22 March 2013


Architectural Space as a Network – Physical and Virtual Communities, Lorentz-Workshop ‘Innovation at the Verge: Computational Models of Physical / Virtual Space Interaction’, Lorentz Centre, Leiden, Netherlands, 18 December 2012

‘The Spatial Dimension of Interaction Networks in the Workplace’, Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis, University of Manchester, Seminar Series 2011/2012, Manchester, 1st February 2012


‘The Spatial Dimension of Interaction Networks in the Workplace’, Nuffield College and Oxford Internet Institute Social Networks Seminar, Oxford, 07th November 2011

‘The Social Life of Office Buildings’, Workplace Trends 2011, London, 20th October 2011

‘Space and Communication Networks. Why Spatial Configuration and Distance Matter’, SPIRES Seminar, Space Syntax Ltd., London, 23rd May 2011


‘Networks, Space and Organisations’, Design Management Breakfast, Business Design Centre Islington, London, 9th June 2010

 ‘Relationships in the Workplace – Organisational Structures, Social Networks and Spatial Configuration’, Mobile Systems Interest Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL, 21st April 2010.

‘The Social Function of Buildings’, Symposium Lift@Austria ‘Enable!, Profound Innovation in Society, Economy & Knowledge’, Wien, 18th-20th March 2010.


‘Analysing Spatial Configuration. An Introduction to Space Syntax as a Spatial Analysis Method’, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, USA, 20th October 2009.


‘Collective Organisational Behaviours and Architectural Space: Investigating Micro Settings of Knowledge-Intensive Work Environments’, 6th Interdisciplinary Symposium on ‘Knowledge and Space’, Theme: Organisational Learning, Villa Bosch Studio, Heidelberg, 19th September 2008.

‘Die räumliche Konfiguration von Wissensarbeit. Der Einfluss architektonischer Konfiguration und Gestaltung auf wissensintensive Arbeitsprozesse’, SEDUS Events for Architects, Darmstadtium, Darmstadt (27/05/2008), Zeche Zollverein, School of Management, Essen (28/05/2008), BMW-Welt, Munich (10/06/2008), Empire Riverside Hotel, Hamburg (18/06/2008), Internationales Design-Zentrum, Berlin (20/11/2008).


‘Space Syntax, Social Networks and Qualitative Analysis’, Studio Meeting, Alexi Marmot Associates, London, 31st July 2007.


‘Raum beißt nicht! Strategien gegen die Angst in der Stadt’, PlanungsFachFrauen Hannover e.V., 15th April 2004.


‘Sicherheit im öffentlichen Raum’, Projektschultage der Alice-Salomon-Schule Hannover-Kleefeld, 21st November 2003.

‘Geschlecht und Sicherheit im öffentlichen Raum’, AK Wissenschaftlerinnen der Uni Hannover, 22nd October 2003.

‘Zur Zukunft öffentlicher Stadträume’, Workshop: “Raum und Geschlecht aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive”, Zentrum für Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung ZIF, Uni Hildesheim, 27th June 2003.

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