Journal Articles

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Potter, Gail, Timo Smieszek and Kerstin Sailer (2015), ‘Modelling workplace contact networks: the effects of organizational structure, architecture, and reporting errors on epidemic predictions’,Network Science, FirstView Article

Sailer, Kerstin; Pomeroy, Ros; Haslem, Rosie (2015), ‘Data-driven design — Using data on human behaviour and spatial configuration to inform better workplace design’, Corporate Real Estate Journal 4(3):249-262

Sailer, Kerstin, McCulloh, Ian (2012), ‘Social Networks and Spatial Configuration – How Office Layouts Drive Social Interaction’, Social Networks, Vol 34, No 1, 47-58.

Sailer, Kerstin (2011), ‘Creativity as a Social and Spatial Process’, Facilities, Vol 29, No 1/2, 6-18.

Sailer, Kerstin, Budgen, Andrew, Lonsdale, Nathan, Turner, Alasdair, and Penn, Alan (2010), ‘Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluations in Workplace Environments‘, The Journal of Space Syntax, Vol 1, No 1, 199-213.

Sailer, Kerstin (2006), ‘Die Architektur des Nichtwissens – The Architecture of Not-knowing’, Graz Architecture Magazine GAM, (03), 86-107.


Journal Articles (not peer-reviewed)

Sailer, Kerstin; Pomeroy, Ros; Haslem, Rosie (2015), ‘Insights from an evidence-based design practice’. Work&Place, Issue 5: 6-9

Sailer, Kerstin (2014), ‘Changing Building Typologies’, Editorial for Special Issue of the Journal of Space Syntax, Autumn/Winter 2014, The Journal of Space Syntax 5 (2), xx-xxxi

Sailer, Kerstin (2009), ‘Räume des Wissens’, Human Resource Management HRM.DE, 02/2009.

Sailer, Kerstin and Rose, Anna (2009), Stromlinien der Kommunikation‘, Mensch & Büro, (01/2009), 66-68.

Sailer, Kerstin and Rose, Anna (2008), ‘Wissen austauschen’, Personal, (10/2008), 52-54.

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